Bringing Up Baby

In the screwball comedy Bringing Up Baby, Cary Grant plays a stiff scientist driven around the bend by Kathrine Hepburn.


The world-famous paleontologist David, played by Cary Grant, who was at that time a superstar, is currently working on reconstructing a giant Brontosarus skeleton, and even at a young age is already nearing the completion of his life’s work. When only a single bone is missing from his ultimate goal, suddenly the capricious millionaire Susan, portrayed by Katharine Hepburn, bursts into the life of the stunted scientist and nothing is ever the same again.

David cascades from one embarrassing situation to the next, because the eccentric Susan has fallen in love with him and will not ever leave his side. A much needed million dollar donation to the museum, for which David works, is now threatening to collapse, and the precious bone can no longer be located, just as little as Susan’s leopard with the misleading name Baby appears…


Howard Hawks, legendary director and producer of many classics such as Scarface and Rio Bravo, proved with the screwball comedy Bringing Up Baby that he was a master of many genres. Not very successful in the box office at the time, the fast-paced comedy slowly developed into a classic, but nowadays, alongside the comedies of Ernst Lubitsch, he is regarded as an outstanding representative of his genre.

Later Hollywood director Peter Bogdanovich counted Bringing Up Baby among his favorite films, and described his roaringly funny film What’s Up, Doc? With Ryan O’Neal and Barbra Streisand as his tribute to the classic fast-paced screwball comedy.