The Sound of Music

The sound of music, a striking musical film, in which Julie Andrews wins a widowed Austrian captain, his seven children and the audience with singing and love.

Novice Maria is anything but a model of nun. She always comes too late, always laments, and she does not take as many of the rules of the monastery seriously as the mother superior would like her to. Maria should finally be clear about whether she would really become a nun or would rather live a normal life without the conventions of the convent. So she is sent to the family von Trapp as a nanny. The widowed Captain von Trapp educates his seven children by military means, but commandments and strict rules are not at all like Mary’s. And soon the children sing instead of saluting. The more Maria becomes accustomed to her proteges and her papa, the more difficult she is to decide for a life in the monastery.

Background & information
With breathtaking images of a camera that seems to be in love with the Austrian landscape, every setting is a small cinematographic masterpiece filled with memorable songs and charm. After West Side Story, Robert Wise produced another musical adaptation in 1965 – one of the most successful ever, with five Academy Awards.