The Apartment

What would you think if one of your work colleagues left his apartment to one of his superiors every evening so that he could meet with a lover for a private meeting?

The poor guy from the apartment is called CC (Bud) Baxter (played by Jack Lemmon ) and works for a New York insurance company. He is the nice guy from next door, who lets himself be pushed around and who has already tried to shoot himself out of desperation. His neighbor, meanwhile, considers him to be the greatest womanizer, because his home is always visited by women. However they are never visiting him. Baxter is also secretly in love with the elevator manager Fran Kubelik ( Shirley MacLaine ), who in turn loves the common boss Mr. Sheldrake ( Fred MacMurray ). Of course, this love must remain an affair because Sheldrake is married and does not have the fortitude to leave his wife. Fran and Mr. Sheldrake meet in Baxter’s apartment, but Sheldrake finally lets them know that their relationship has no future.

Background & info
Billy Wilder apartment was not only awarded five Oscar nominations for the apartment , but he actually included all five statuettes in 1961 (including the best film and Billy Wilder as the best director, author and producer). As in his former classic, some like hot spots Billy Wilder with his outstanding actors.