My Fair Lady

In My Fair LadyEliza Doolittle is the flower girl in front of the London Opera. With her obnoxious voice and the worse suburban slang, she offers her violets to the high society. But her dreadful gibberish dares the crotchety language professor to the most popular bet in film’s history.

For a scientific experiment, eccentric Professor Higgins (Rex Harrison) takes the uneducated flower girl Eliza under his wing: He wants to prove that the language of a human being also shapes his character and that he can turn Eliza into a real lady within a few weeks.

Background & information
The legendary Hollywood director, George CukorLittle Women , The Philadelphia Story, Gaslight) transformed Audrey Hepburn as Eliza Doolittle in this film version of the musical of Lerner and Loewe from a street girl to a fine lady. My Fair Lady is based on the play Pygmalion by George Bernard Shaw. The main character is Rex Harrison as the linguist Henry Higgins (Harrison played the same role alongside Julie Andrews on stage), who puts Eliza into a social experiment that runs all too well. It is the electricity of the stars that inspire the viewer. In addition, the film contains such great songs as “Because I know you live in the street” and “I’d danced tonight.” The actor Jeremy Brett, who later had great success as Sherlock Holmes, is quite tingling as Eliza’s determined admirer.